Construction Waste Removal

In order to operate a Construction Waste Removal Company, a Class 2 Registration is required. A Class 2 Registration (Registration for the removal of Construction and Demolition Debris) is required for an individual or business engaging solely in the removal of waste material resulting from building demolition, construction, alteration or excavation.

Before you register, please make sure to have the following documents:

Once you have the necessary documents completed, you will need to register for the following:

  1. Class 2 Registration you will be redirected to an application and instructions that will guide you along the process of registering.
  2. Self-Hauler Registration is required for any person or business removing waste generated by their business. You will be guided through the application process with specific instructions that are included in the link.
  3. Commercial Vehicle Registration must be issued for each vehicle that is used in the waste removal  of your business. Registration must be done through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Additional Requirements that your business must comply with include:

Below is helpful information in regards to your business and the way that it will operate:

The mission of the Queens Economic Development Corporation is to help small businesses.  In view of the Coronavirus, we are taking the following steps:

  • We have compiled a Resource Guide detailing programs to assist small businesses.  These include loans, grants and other aid available through Federal, State, City, and Private agencies. The Resource Guide can be accessed here. It is updated as we receive new information.
  • Assistance in filling out application and all other client services will be done remotely via telephone. To request an appointment, email and you will be contacted within 24 hours.  Please know our office in Kew Gardens is closed.
  • The Entrepreneur Space Commercial Kitchen Incubator is fully operational and staff is taking additional steps to ensure that it is a safe environment for our clients. For more information, please call 718 392-0025.
  • The Queens Tourism Council is working with our cultural, recreational, restaurant and sporting communities to support them as best we can.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.  Be careful, help those who are vulnerable and wash your hands.


Queens Together

Fuel the Front Lines is an initiative of Acting Queens Borough President Sharon Lee, Queens Together, Queens Night Market and the QEDC to help to meet the needs of front line healthcare workers, other emergency responders, and Queens communities in need through partnerships with local independent restaurants and food businesses. We will fill the urgent need for nourishment while at the same time providing a lifeline to the small businesses that define our neighborhoods. Make your tax-deductible contribution and help us deliver good food made with love by workers in Queens, for people in Queens.