Success Stories


Krumville Bakeshop

Antonella Zangheri, owner of Krumville Bakeshop, has been a QEDC client for the past seven years. She came to us in 2011 to rent out commercial kitchen space from the Entrepreneur Space, a kitchen incubator managed jointly by QEDC and Commercial Kitchen Assistant Kathrine Gregory. After building her own production site, her business had grown exponentially, which lead her to reformulate her business model to increase efficiency. This past year, by cutting down her wholesale business and focusing on retail, she experienced a steep decline in revenue, but maintained her profit level due to the higher retail margin. Antonella enjoys how she now has a less busy and stressed kitchen atmosphere and can still enjoy the same net income. Her focus this year is to create a stronger online presence and build her retail business. You can learn more about Antonella and her business at

LUV Michael

LUV Michael was formed around a 17-year old man diagnosed with Autism who had a passion for cooking. All LUV Michael products are made by individuals with Autism from start to finish. Luv Michael has developed a food-based curriculum, which breaks down all the processes and procedures so that all of their employees can work efficiently in the kitchen in order to produce a quality product that they are proud of.

Luv Michael is committed to creating and providing meaningful culinary jobs to the Autistic population. The profits from Luv Michael aid in the growth of our business and allow us to develop new training modules for our employees. Your purchase will allow us to train, educate and employ more individuals on the Autism spectrum.

With the help of the Entrepreneur Space, LUV Michael is the chosen winner of The Blue Bud Program run by Jet Blue to help small companies build their dream company.

All LUV Michael products are made at The Entrepreneur Space along with many culinary training sessions to those on the Autism spectrum.

Nadira el Khang

Nadira El Khang of NadiraBag has been a QEDC client for seven years. She has received approximately 30 hours of technical assistance in developing her business model, writing her business plan, working on her marketing strategy, and much more.

In 2017, she started to sell her bags on and sell wholesale to She also hired two part time employees and increased sales 20% from the year before. In 2018, Nadira wants to sell her custom made handbags at airports, a proud moment for her business that creates its bags locally in Queens, New York. She would like to create her own foundation for women with cancer to which she would donate 10% of her sales.

Josephine’s Feast

Laura O’Brien, owner of Josephine’s Feast, has been a QEDC client for nine years. She came to us in 2009 to rent out commercial kitchen space from the Entrepreneur Space, a kitchen incubator managed jointly by QEDC and Commercial Kitchen Assistant Kathrine Gregory. She has received countless hours of assistance from the Entrepreneur Space’ food counselors in marketing, production and management issues. In the past three years, her jams and spices has been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, with her latest mention being the January 2018 issue. She has had a editorials written on her seasonal products in the New York Times and Martha Stewart, and her products have received two good food awards. During the last few months of last year, she secured and renovated a new kitchen and office space in the Pfizer Building, enabling her to have control over her production schedule. You can learn more about Laura and her business at

69th Lane Studio, Selma and William Trevino

In January 2014, artistic and athletic duo, Selma and William Trevino, launched 69th Lane Studio, a family-friendly center for yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and holistic health. Located in Maspeth, Queens, right off of Grand Avenue, on 69th Lane, their studio offers a variety of classes and private sessions for students of all skill-levels and ages. They’ve also started monthly workshops with guest speakers and practitioners.

“We are credentialed and experienced, but we want to bring in different teachers so that the students can experience a variety of approaches. We’re planning on hiring an additional yoga and Pilates instructor soon,” Selma explained to QEDC Business Services Director Sante Antonelli, during a recent follow-up visit. Since January, Selma and Sante have periodically met to discuss marketing and business strategy.

Each Trevino brings a different expertise to 69th Lane Studio: Selma is a certified Pilates instructor with over 10 years of yoga experience, and her husband William is 4th degree black-belt and certified master instructor in Soo Bahk Do, a traditional Korean martial art, with over 20 years of experience.

The Trevinos are also dancers and artists. In 2001, the couple co-founded Corporeal Arts Incorporated, a physical theater company, where innovate choreography and performances with miming, dance and martial arts. Corporeal Arts Inc. continues to be a success in its own right – the company has performed locally and abroad, in NYC, Finland, Brazil and California – while 69th Lane Studio directs the Trevinos’ creative engine in a new direction: social enterprise. As Selma described, “Our goal is to teach in a community with little access to these kinds of programs, and to do it in a financially sustainable way.

As we build our Pilates/yoga/martial arts student-base, we are also incorporating our theater company into the programming.” In February, they used the studio to create choreography for the Queens Council on the Arts (QCA) series “How to create a dance.”

So far, their efforts and collaborations in the community-with local schools and the Maspeth Chamber of Commerce-have paid off: “Since January, we’ve enrolled 30 full-time members and 60 regular students. Our goal right now is to grow even further. This Sunday, we’re participating in Maspeth’s business fair on Grand Avenue to let our neighbors know that we’re here. We also plan to offer classes in public parks this summer to get the word out. Once people know that we’re here, they like us, but the challenge is to get the word out.” To reach more students, they’re launching a June promotion with discounted membership fees and discounted classes for first-time visitors.

As a result of strategic business planning and the quality of the Trevinos’ programming, 69th Lane Studio has seen steady growth. Selma’s warmth and positive attitude puts yoga and Pilates newcomers at ease, while William’s patient instruction inspires students to incorporate the mental and physical confidence and discipline learned through Soo Bahk Do into other areas of their lives. Transforming the health and wellbeing of their community through mind-body training and martial arts, and providing a space for art-making, dance, and health education, the impact of 69th Lane Studio has just begun.