1010 WINS: Made in Queens


Hi I'm Rob Walsh "Come and Celebrate the Diversity & Vibrancy of Queens" on Today's Bottom Line for Small Business.   I was recently telling a friend of mine if he really wanted to see the great diversity of this City, take the 7 train out to Sunnyside – get out and start walking east under the el on Roosevelt Avenue.   From Sunnyside to Woodside to Jackson Heights to Corona and then Flushing – you will find one of the most ethnically diverse commercial corridors in the world.  

And now the Queens Economic Development Corporation is launching Made In Queens, a pop-up store that will showcase Queens based manufacturers, producers, entrepreneurs, and artisans -- featuring a wide array of locally made, crafts, design goods, home accessories and food products.   

Made in Queens is located at 27-24 Queens Plaza South, on one of the busiest transit hubs in our City and will certainly provide a great opportunity for new and existing local small businesses to grow in one of New York City's fastest growing neighborhoods.  For more information, visit www.madeinqueens.nyc

And that's The Bottom Line for Small Business, I'm Rob Walsh for 1010 WINS.

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Airing: June 17, 2016