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If you want to become an entrepreneur... we want to assist you and support your growth with our many programs and sharing of our knowledge.

Check out this website for practical information and step-by-step assistance.

 We will help you take that leap of faith in your concept and give you the roots to grow a strong and successful business.

Imagine this tree is your business...
The roots are necessary to give you the strength to grow. We will assist you in growing  these roots:
    creating a legal entity
    obtaining insurance
    working with you to acquire the proper licenses and permits
    helping you to set up for financial systems and setting prices
And then there is the tree trunk...Marketing is the key to generating sales:
    your story; your product; your uniqueness
    our advisors will help you craft your message
Once you have done the first two then you will have 
    the branches, twigs, and leaves which= $$$$$$
                Sales and Profits
without all parts of the tree you can't succeed, but the Entrepreneur Space will be there to assist you.

dividing line

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